If you need any of your walls repointed, look no further!

At Weatherseal Roofing Specialists Ltd, we understand how important it is to have your walls repointed as soon as you see that the mortar between the bricks is deteriorating.

Replacing the mortar between the bricks can save your wall from collapsing so it is important to keep an eye on any walling that needs to be in need of a repair. When mortar is crumbling or simply missing from between the bricks, this is when rainwater can enter and cause damp and mould to find its way into the inside of your home. This can prove to be detrimental to the health of you and your family as well as costing a lot of money to rectify.

Our reliable team with over 15 years of experience will assess your walls and point out any signs of damp or repointing that needs to be carried out. If bricks need to be replaced or your wall needs to be completely rebuilt, we will advise you and quote you accordingly.

Prices for all types of roofing are competitive, we do not always need a deposit and all work that is carried out by our experienced team is fully guaranteed for your peace of mind.

We welcome all types of house repointing enquiries from areas such as Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Worthing, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Woking, Weybridge, Burgess Hill, Crawley, Newhaven, Billinghurst and all surrounding areas.

Whether you need a whole wall, a few walls or just one small patch repointed, contact our team today.

So, for any repointing to be taken care of on your property contact us at Weatherseal Roofing Specialists Ltd today on the closest number at the top of the page, we look forward to hearing from you.